About NNPP

“The care for human life and happiness, not their exploitation and extinction, is the first and only legitimate object of any good and innovative government ….therefore, the worth of every state through its governments is the worth of her citizens.”


The aims and objectives of the party shall include the following:

1. To uphold and defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

2. To ensure adequate protection of lives and property of all within and outside Nigeria

3. The Attainment of political power through legitimate, democratic and constitutional means for the purpose of building an egalitarian society predicated on the principles of equity, freedom and social justice

4. To organize branches throughout the federation, sponsor candidates and canvass for votes for their election into all elective offices in all tiers of government

5. To provide the basic necessities of life, i.e qualitative mass education, free primary health care, food and water, housing, roads, security, economic empowerment for all Nigerians

6. To maintain, and promote the secularity of the Nigerian State, instill religious tolerance and mutual harmony among all Nigerians

7. To undertake activities and adopt any measures or policies which shall be aimed at improving the general conditions and well-being of all Nigerians

8. To promote active participation of Nigerians in the strategic sectors of the economy.

9. To promote active participation of Nigerians in the strategic sectors of the economy.

10. To foster, ensure and defend freedom of the press and the fundamental freedom and human rights of all Nigerians

11. To promote the development of science and technology and bring to the benefit of Nigerians abundant opportunities of the global village.