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While wishing Nigerians happy Independence, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) seizes this opportunity to call on patriotic citizens not to give up on the country as a result of the myriad of problems besieging the nation because Nigeria can still work again if we are all committed to nation building.

The party asserts that a new Nigeria is possible, though the country has suffered so much as a result of bad leadership as well as some citizens not doing things right. This is obvious in the fact that 61 years after independence we cannot boast of steady power supply for a week, while some countries we once gave power supply can now celebrate a decade of no power failure. Most roads in the country are in terrible state, insecurity has become serious challenge, the economy on downtrend as prices of commodities are skyrocketing. But there is always bright light at the end of the tunnel and there is no thickness of the night that can prevent the breaking forth of a new day. Hence, all we need to restore the glory of our beloved nation are faith, determination, change of attitudes and of course prayers.

The NNPP also observes that In as much as the major problems in Nigeria are as a result of having wrong leadership over the years, but these political leaders can only come to power by the help of the masses with wrong attitude, who voted them and those used for election manipulations. Those political leaders do not go out as individuals to snatch ballot boxes or change election results neither do their biological children do, but it’s the citizens who are not family members of the politicians that are used in exchange for crumbs. Hence, the need for change of attitude from everyone towards building a new Nigeria that we all can be proud of. A nation that our children can proudly call their own because they don’t have any other country they can refer to as their country of birth. The is part of the visions of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) and we can all work together to achieve it.
A new Nigeria is possible!
A Nigeria that we can proudly and truthfully refer to again as the the giant of Africa is possible!
A Nigeria that will take her place of pride among the Comity of Nations is possible!
Let us build a new Nigeria together!

Happy 61st Independence Anniversary Nigerians!

Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba,
Deputy National Publicity Secretary,
New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP)

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