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July 16, 2020


The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has described the ongoing ordeal of the suspended EFCC Acting Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu and the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio as mere family fracas that became so intense to the extent that they stripped their victim naked in public just to draw more supporters. Those who know the style of the All Progressive Congress (APC) will not really expect anything serious over the so called corruption allegations and charges, because, once the main quarell that resulted in the ignominious brawl is resolved internally, the issue of the so called corruption allegations and charges will be cryptically laid off and be allowed to die natural death.

Unfortunately, the actors in the ruling party don’t care about the image of our beloved country that the MOCK CORRUPTION TRIALS keep denting, since APC took over power. The world is watching the entire drama called “fighting corruption”, and sensible people know that the so called fight against corruption under this administration is nothing, but mere political witch-hunt against members of the opposition parties that dare the power that be and even members of the ruling party that dare step on big toes or attempt anti-party activities. The supposed anti corruption agencies have been turned to mere opposition attacking weapons, rather than engaging in proactive fight against the corruption pandemic that has eaten deep into the fabric of our society before APC took over power, and now becoming worse under this administration, which if nothing is done on time, we may end up with completely collapsed system.

Though, we the NNPP initially didn’t want to interfere on the issue of the corruption allegations against Magu by means of statement or whatsoever, because we always knew it to be family affair, but with the dimensions the drama is taken, we have to speak out, asking the government and the concerned institutions to stop ridiculing the country and truly wake up to fight corruption without regard to sacred cows and without caring whose ox is gored; if only they will.

The exposed corruption allegations against Magu and Akpabio are so terrible that a serious government supposed not to take lightly; but as expected, Magu has been released on bail, which if he is a member of the opposition party; it wouldn’t have happened so fast and the reported siege today around Joy Nunieh’s residence, the principal witness against Senator Akpabio, speaks volume.

In conclusion, it is an open secret that there are many “sacred Nigerians” both in the PDP and APC that have looted so much and are still not only walking freely, but are being celebrated because they are always careful not to step on big toes. Is this what this administration call “fighting corruption”? We leave Nigerians to decide by 2023 either to still continue in this vicious circle.

Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba,
Deputy National Publicity Secretary,
New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP)

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